DO you want to become a GREAT LEADER?!

Then…shut the fuck up & learn to BE A GOOD ONE!


Leadership Attributes:

  • Guiding Vision – The leaders must have a clear purpose and the strength to persist to achieve it.

  • Passion – The leader must have a passion for a course of action.

  • Integrity – The three essential parts of integrity – self-knowledge, candor and maturity – provide a basis of trust, and without it a leader cannot function.

  • Curiosity and Daring – Leaders want to learn and are willing to take risks to try new things.

Top ten leadership competencies:

  • Building Teamwork: Builds effective teams committed to organizational goals and results;

  • Understands the Business: Knows the organization and stays abreast of business and competitive trends;

  • Conceptual Thinking: Conceives and selects innovative strategies and ides for the organization; balancing innovation with big-picture thinking;

  • Customer Driven: Strives to create value for the customer resulting in mutual long-term success;

  • Focused Drive: Focuses on a goal and prioritizes-and harnesses-energy to meet that goal; balances focus and drive;

  • Drives Profitability: Achieves shareholder and/or stakeholder benefit by securing cost-effective and efficient operations;

  • Systems Thinking: Connects processes, events, and structures; balances process orientation with mental discipline;

  • Global Perspective: Addresses cultural and geographic differences in driving corporate strategies for competitive advantage;

  • Emotional Intelligence: Understands and masters one’s own emotions (and those of others) in a way that instills confidence; balances perception and emotional maturity. (Best Practices in Leadership Development Handbook –  Warren Bennis)


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